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A Logo for the Users

June 4, 2014 | By: Steve

The constant question I ask myself throughout my work day is: Does this make sense for AppEnsure? Now that can simply be translated into: Does that make sense for AppEnsure users? because one of our company’s main philosophies is if it makes sense for our users, it makes sense for our business. So, when the topic of a logo redesign was first discussed we knew we needed a new logo to match the sleekness and maturity of our product but more importantly we needed a logo our users would like since they will also be seeing it and clicking on it regularly. I know design is subjective, so have a look at the new AppEnsure logo. *Hopefully* you agree and you like it too.

AppEnsure New Logo

A few insights into some of the logo design choices:

  • “ae” symbol. With literally thousands of companies in technology, the best symbol to reinforce our brand and to be easily identified is a symbol that reinforces our name. Note the symbol is the same when viewed upside down (if you ever see yourself in that position).
  • Emphasis on ENSURE. It’s subtle, but the letters ENSURE appear in bold in the logotype because our users have a simple goal – ensure all applications are being delivered without any delay.
  • 45 degree angle. Another subtlety, but the symbol has several angles pointing up-and-to-the-right. It’s a subliminal message of the direction of your career when using AppEnsure.

So, AppEnsure users, do you like it? Let us know on Twitter at @AppEnsure