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Announcing New Release 6.0

September 8, 2017 | By: AppEnsure

announcing new release 6.0

AppEnsure is adding more new features upping the tool’s value with its latest release of the software, for end user centric application performance management in Citrix deployments. We are very pleased to announce Release 6.0, evolving the solution to address service level guarantees to end users for published applications and virtual desktops.

With Release 6.0 AppEnsure provides:
      •  True end-to-end visibility through and beyond the Citrix silo
      •  Auto correlation of each user’s access of backend infrastructure
      •  Backend response time for each user for every application     accessed
      •  Response time and latency measured through the delivery layer
      •  Endpoint agents to further identify network latencies and endpoint issues
      •  URL Metrics
      •  Machine learning for diagnostics
AppEnsure identifies every user of every application and measures response time collectively for all users as well as for each user. AppEnsure measures the end user experience (EUX) in terms of response time and throughput to manage application performance. Uniquely, AppEnsure correlates EUX with the application delivery infrastructure performance providing IT Operations with the needed Application Operational Intelligence to manage service levels that maximize enterprise productivity and revenue generation. By measuring the end-to-end response time of real (not synthetic) transactions through the entire stack, AppEnsure provides contextual, actionable intelligence to reduce the resolution of application brownouts and blackouts.
The following picture illustrates the response time measured by AppEnsure providing end-to-end visibility.end to end visability

Based on many thousands of stored instances and rules, which are continually being incremented by machine learning, the root cause analysis of an event can be deterministically established. AppEnsure locates the route cause and location of the element or hop in which the latency has changed which triggers a proposed remedy for IT Ops to restore service to the Desired Service Level or SLA.

An AppEnsure generated alert is a notification that an event occurred.  Alarms are generated by AppEnsure when a set of related alerts are correlated and a potential root cause for the alerts can be diagnosed.root cause identification

Join the Ride

AppEnsure Release 6.0 is now available. To evaluate, please download here.