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Application Performance: Tired of Finger Pointing

July 18, 2016 | By: Reinhard Travnicek, Managing Director, X-Tech

After more than 20 years of experience with Citrix application delivery I and most of my customers are getting tired to take the blame for sluggish application performance and finger pointing that goes every time there is an issue with application performance.

Today success of Citrix deployments is crucial to many of my customers, because they are designing their entire IT delivery around Citrix technology. Nothing shines a light on an IT team’s success or failure as much as the application performance and availability does. With high uptimes as IT’s priority in the past, they need to adapt a more holistic approach to performance management and decision analytics today. New tools entering the market can help companies leverage IT investments made. There is a need to discover, interpret and respond to the myriad events that impact IT operations, security, compliance and competitiveness. Frankly speaking IT cannot depend on the help desk to be its eyes and ears for keeping systems running at their best, they need to have bulletproof data to prove their SLA obligations.


Monitoring solution designed with End-User transactional performance in mind, will provide IT Ops with application performance and virtual desktop performance correlated with user productivity. Armed with this data, IT Ops can rapidly investigate users’ complaints of poor app performance, determine other impacted users and the likely root causes resolving the issue before workforce productivity is impacted. For that reason, organizations will increasingly be using application performance metrics such as application and transaction response times and end-user experience indexes that allow them to monitor the speed of applications and to evaluate the quality of the end-user experience. Plenty of CPU resources, network bandwidth to spare, affordable storage space and Big Data analyses will help to build passive monitoring systems and solutions which are able to deal with the huge amount of data gathered by the monitoring sensors installed.


We at X-Tech believe that AppEnsure offers a monitoring solution as described above.  As technology was promising when introduced to us couple of years ago, we partnered and worked closely with AppEnsure to fine tune the solution as end-user centric for Citrix deployments.