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End User Experience (EUX) or Customer Experience is Key to Digital Experience

April 23, 2018 | By: Colin Macnab, CEO

End User Experience

AppEnsure delivers Dynamic Demand Profiling to continuously optimize the Digital Experience.

It is a common but unfortunate challenge for IT Ops and App Delivery teams; complaints of long delays and lack of availability of mission critical apps are reported (if you are lucky), but it is very tough in a virtualized, distributed IT deployment to discover the root cause and resolution. While you may even be lucky enough to have a monitoring tool that advises of the delays, there is no way to relate it to the problem component or service in the IT stack. Maybe later when the firefighting is over, you may be able to look at the logs or monitoring alarms to try to correlate where the problem is located, but by then the demand has changed and there is no longer a problem to troubleshoot…rinse-repeat…daily!
With AppEnsure, you can now see the service degradation as it occurs and relate it to the specific root cause in real time, without reviewing logs or alarms. This unique capability is provided through Dynamic Demand Profiling, which relates the end user response experienced to every component of the IT stack involved in the delivery, end to end and hop by hop. AppEnsure uses the real traffic for the measurement of the latency of each component, not synthetic transactions or assembled infrastructure monitoring metrics, to deliver real time visibility of the real end user experience.
AppEnsure is able to remove 95% of the time and guess work in defining what the resolution of the problem is. This profiling continuously relates the real App demand to the ability of the stack to service the requests in the SLA required, so now user experience drives the necessary resource requirements rather than the other way round. Now back to that World Peace thing…