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Monitoring VDI Requires Specific App Knowledge

March 3, 2014 | By: Steve

As the dynamic world of managing and monitoring application performance continues to challenge IT operations, this latest blog post by Bernd Harzog of The Virtualization Practice describes the challenges from a VDI perspective, or rather, the end user’s perspective. His blog starts off by describing how a VDI implementation must improve the end user experience because that is their expectation. He then later describes the only way to know if the end user experience has been improved is by measuring response time and throughput for the applications being delivered to the end user’s devices. And lastly, my favorite part of the blog post is when he discusses a few vendor’s solutions and states “if the monitoring tool does not collect response time and throughput, it is not going to meet your needs.”

We, at AppEnsure, couldn’t agree more. We believe that application performance is not equal to resource utilization, it is dependent on knowing how the application traverses the infrastructure and knowing the response time and throughput for every hop from app server to end user device. Thanks Bernd for including AppEnsure in this post and spreading the word on what really matters when measuring end user expectations and experience.

You can read the full blog post here: Addressing Users’ VDI Performance Concerns by Bernd Harzog