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Applications + Operations = Intelligence

June 10, 2015 | By: Steve

When the two IT worlds of Operations and Applications meet, great business benefits can be achieved including increased revenue and improved end-user productivity. However, sometimes when the two are not properly integrated, it can have a negative effect on application performance and response time.

The AppEnsure solution focuses on Applications and Operations giving IT organizations the needed Intelligence to perfect the performance of applications. AppEnsure provides real-time, dynamic application analytics that deliver visibility into data, streaming events and how applications are impacting business operations. With proper use and application, organizations utilizing operational intelligence can reduce risk, streamline operations and immediately act with these analytic insights.

AppEnsure automatically learns from live data across the entire infrastructure, defines normal application behavior, uses unique analytics to identify deviations, and identifies root causes for those deviations. AppEnsure enables IT organizations to proactively improve application performance management by understanding the underlying infrastructure supporting business applications. Currently, AppEnsure enables you to address these challenging questions:

  • What is normal in your environment in terms of number of applications active or inactive, users of those applications and their experience?
  • Which applications are not delivering service levels expected of them and why?
  • Who is using what application and when?
  • Why do some applications misbehave only at certain times?
  • What is the root cause behind the slow response time experienced by certain users of certain applications?
  • Where are the issues with remotely delivered applications and desktops/VDI environments?
  • How are applications performing before and after updates?

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