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AppEnsure – Independent Solution Review

January 2, 2017 | By: Sri Chaganty, CTO


Pawel Serwan, organizer of Polish Citrix Users Group, IT enthusiast with a particular interest in Microsoft and Citrix technologies who is currently working as Citrix Administrator at Brown Brothers Harriman published an independent review of AppEnsure solution on his blog based on his testing of the product.

According to Pawel, “Today every Citrix administrator has to work with multiple technologies: hypervisors, application servers, file servers, network etc. To be able to act proactively or to troubleshoot the problem we have to check multiple tools, view many dashboards and analyze many charts. That is why I was really glad to see that AppEnsure decided to simplify their graphical interface and make it clean. Thanks to that the welcome screen is not cluttered with all possible charts and alerts coming from your servers.” He concludes in his review, “AppEnsure monitoring solution is a powerful tool that should find usage in many IT environments.”

AppEnsure empowers you to measure and increase the user productivity in Citrix Deployments with an end-user centric approach. Are you having challenges with finger pointing war room meetings, blamestorming sessions, network team complaining about bandwidth, or application downtime? Read Pawel’s review to understand how AppEnsure can help you to face such challenges.

Here is the LINK to his blog post.