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AppEnsure Ensures Cloud, Virtualized Application Performance

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Source: Talkin’ Cloud

Colin Macnab, Co-Founder and CEO

AppEnsure co-founder and CEO Colin L.M. Macnab says his company is reaching out to VARs through the company’s VAR Project License Program.

Cloud application management solutions provider AppEnsure has released its application performance monitoring and management solution designed to provide businesses with an option to analyze application performance in cloud and virtualized environments.

To solve the common response-time issues that often result in phone calls to the IT help desk, AppEnsure  automatically identifies apps, finds their true response times and keeps track of the data.

“In the future, a lot of enterprises will not have nice, clean standard environments,” AppEnsure co-founder and CEO Colin Macnab told Talkin’ Cloud in a phone briefing. “There will be a lot of applications, a lot of different locations.”

What makes AppEnsure unique, Macnab said, is the solution can go through the entire stack to find the real cause of the response problem, which more than likely is either an integration issue or a problem somewhere else in the stack.

To avoid finger-pointing, the solution measures every packet of transaction.

According to the company, AppEnsure provides:

  • Application discovery—Both custom and off-the-shelf applications are discovered automatically by name and topology, keeping updated even in dynamic hybrid deployments;
  • Real-time, correlated root-cause analysis—Accessing analysis provides actionable, real-time data when response time and application throughput decline; and
  • Compability with custom-developed and off-the-shelf applications—Applications are written to both Microsoft (MSFT) Windows and Linux, whether they are deployed on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures.

The company rolled out the solution for beta testing last November to a dozen financial and banking locations, a vertical Macnab said has shown the most interest due to the high volume of transactions taking place in that sector.

Macnab noted the company’s sales strategy will be a mixture of both direct and indirect sales, starting with direct sales and eventually offering AppEnsure through value-added resellers (VARs).

“We’re doing a very attractive model for the VARs,” he said. “We’re giving them a project license, which they don’t have to pay for; they just have to declare who it’s for, what it is, and register it. If they have a high sell rate, we’re also giving them access to the next recurring revenue automatically without them having to resell.”

AppEnsure’s application management solution is currently available to qualified customers for trials and production deployments. List pricing for AppEnsure is $50 per monitored server per month.