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AppEnsure General Availability Announced

July 24, 2013 | By: AppEnsure

We are pleased to have recently announced the general availability of our application performance monitoring and management solution! AppEnsure is the first ever solution to automatically measure response time and throughput for all applications, including custom developed and purchased, in all locations; physical, virtualized, public and private cloud.

We’ve designed AppEnsure to be easy to use. From a one click install, it takes only minutes to deliver value with automatic discovery and naming of all applications, without any user configuration. Every transaction is mapped both virtually and physically with automatic baselining of historical response times. Our AppOps-focused solution gives fast time to resolution by delivering root cause analysis with automated application visibility, presenting clear instructions for the fast resolution of issues by operations teams responsible for the support of every production application.

So, why use AppEnsure?

Currently, when applications in cloud and virtual environments degrade, it is difficult to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues due to limited operational visibility and ineffective legacy IT tools that look at point solutions, not the entire infrastructure. With our solution, users benefit from AppEnsure:

    Quickly and automatically discovering both custom and off-the-shelf applications by name and topology, keeping updated even in dynamic hybrid deployments
    Providing access to real-time, correlated, root cause analysis by giving actionable, real-time data when the response time and throughput of an application decline
    Working with all types of applications, written to both Windows and Linux, irrespective of if they are deployed on physical, virtual or cloud infrastructures
    Profiling application behavior by blending capacity profiles and application performance profiles, which provides App Ops with the ability to estimate service levels that can be offered to end users for each of the applications

AppEnsure VAR Project License Program

In addition to announcing general availability, we’ve also announced our VAR project license program. In response to the demand from Citrix and VMware’s VAR channel, we are enabling VARs to demonstrate the effectiveness of currently implemented and proposed projects, free of cost.

For more information on pricing and availability, click here.