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Can APM Become a Strategic Initiative?

August 6, 2013 | By: AppEnsure

Sri Chaganty CTO

Almost a 18 months ago, I started a discussion on Linkedin soliciting views on APM being viewed as a nice to have feature. The thread continued for couple of months and general agreement from vendors as well as users is that APM is evolving to be a strategic initiative.  Recently Larry Dragich, Director of Enterprise Application Services at the Auto Club Group, wrote an excellent post on APM Digest about how DevOps can disrupt the existing work flow and be one impetus to make APM into a strategic initiative. There is also a discussion thread on this post started by Larry up on Linkedin. This post includes a comment by The Virtualization Practice’s Bernd Harzog that mentions how products like AppEnsure can help APM become strategic, by allowing APM to be used with every application, not just the subset that are custom developed.