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End-user Centric APM

Are You Proud and Confident?

March 31, 2016 | By: John Ward, Head of Sales

Over two decades ago, I began my sales career in the monitoring software industry. An infrastructure monitoring vendor I was with for over ten years, had the tag line, “Be the first to know.” After all this time, I now realize we were borrowing that phrase from the future. Now is the future, though the tag line should be, “Don’t be the second to know.” The truth is IT Operations and Helpdesk staff should know at the same time that a user or group of users are experiencing a slow application response. In fact, they should not need to hear from a user before taking action to improve service levels for all users of the problematic application performance. With real-time monitoring of every call from every user, for all critical applications in an organization, the degradation of service levels will be immediately identified and the root cause pinpointed, so user productivity can remain optimized to service the business’s bottom line.


To this day, IT professionals still tell me they want to be the first to know. That they are NOT the first, and, many times, they are left scrambling for answers with no real visibility into the culprit comes across as being embarrassing to them. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could confidently and proactively commit to service levels that would exceed your users’ expectations? Well, when you utilize a tool that provides real-time application performance monitoring from your users’ real-data perspective, you can over deliver and be proud to be a profit center for your organization.