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Great When Your Customer Says it Best

February 10, 2016 | By: Colin Macnab, CEO

I was recently copied on an email from an executive of IT Operations at a top 10 US financial corporation. It was sent to his team to explain why he wanted them to start deploying AppEnsure. I liked it so much that I thought I would put it right on our blog:

“Hi all, I want to introduce you to AppEnsure, an end user performance solution that tells us how the application is experiencing the infrastructure, as measured by the end user experience of application response times. It is designed for HA (High Availability) at enterprise scale and is complimentary to the data we get from APM.

1. Live architecture analysis: the only thing that I can guarantee about the CMDB is that it is WRONG minutes after it is defined! We can’t use static tools in dynamic, virtualized cloud deployments.

2. You can see the Gartner definition of AA-IPM: “Application Aware Infrastructure Monitoring” at That is what Appensure is and does.

3. We have APM tools to perfect the code but they aren’t designed to show application interactions with infrastructure. They do not account well, if at all, for topological performance data across silos and different infrastructure elements/technologies. APM gives us the App internals and tuning elements but NOT the infrastructure elements.

4. So both capabilities are needed for a complete understanding of end to end response time, APM for code performance & Appensure is the other part of the delivery experience overall. It has very elastic Splunk like qualities and powerful built in correlation capabilities. These attributes get us to TTD & TTR much faster than digging around manually. It also provides trending. Unlike legacy tools such as IP Mon or SiteScope etc. which are device based tools, this one is top down. Once it builds service maps, in minutes, you’re in business. No nitpicking and endless hand builds. Powerful & quick!”


Thanks for that, I could not have said it better myself. I know your team will like the results they will get with AppEnsure. It is great that you have the previous experience and insight to know.