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End-user Centric APM

I Didn’t Do It!

February 15, 2016 | By: John Ward, Head, Sales

For those of us with siblings, we know what it is like to be blamed for something we didn’t do. In the school classrooms of our youth, you also may remember getting blamed collectively for the trouble for a few of our fellow classmates were the cause of. We also may remember allowing our siblings and/or classmates take the blame and the subsequent interrogation even when we knew it wasn’t their fault. We were just happy to be in the clear.

Fast forward to our adult lives, and we still find our objective can be to defend and deflect when there is trouble heading our way. For IT professionals, this can come in the form of who is to blame for performance issues. Discovering the location and the peers that can take responsibility AND who can fix it, expeditiously, should be the paramount goal. One technology group that often is blamed for a poor user experience is the Citrix delivery team.

IT Operations professionals need a comprehensive monitoring solution that can determine whether or not the Citrix delivery infrastructure is the culprit or is it the backend infrastructure of the applications being delivered or published.

When a tool like this doesn’t exist in your IT tool bag, there is no quick way to determine the root cause of the end-user’s poor application experience. Why spend countless hours and IT resources playing the blame game, when there is such a tool available that will make users more productive, the company more money and IT work more gratifying?