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New Use Case Video: Troubleshooting Citrix Environments

April 8, 2015 | By: Steve

A new video discussing how IT Operations can utilize the AppEnsure solution when troubleshooting large, distributed Citrix environments is now available. Oftentimes, Citrix is wrongfully blamed when users experience slow response times. AppEnsure gives IT Operations the ability to stop the finger pointing and quickly identify the “real” root cause of performance problems.

AppEnsure, an Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Management solution, understands the dynamic characteristics of all infrastructure elements supporting XenApp and XenDesktop and can optimize the performance of any and every application. This leads to increased revenue from revenue-generating applications and improved end-user experience, employee productivity, service availability and response time across the entire infrastructure.

Perfect the performance of applications in Citrix environments and identify the true culprit for poor performance. Enjoy the video

New Use Case Video: Troubleshooting Citrix Environments