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Webinar: Perfecting Application Performance in Citrix Environments

April 22, 2015 | By: Steve

Webinar: Perfecting Application Performance in Citrix Environments

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Our Webinar presented by AppEnsure CTO Sri Chaganty focused on how IT Operations can utilize the AppEnsure solution when troubleshooting large, distributed Citrix environments — especially when Citrix is wrongfully blamed. AppEnsure gives IT Operations the ability to stop the finger pointing and quickly identify the “real” root cause of performance problems by understanding the underlying infrastructure supporting XenApp and XenDesktop.  This presentation will help you understand the depth of application operational intelligence you can develop in your Citrix environments.

Attendees learned how they can use the AppEnsure solution to:

  • Understand the reason for poor application performance for both custom and purchased applications that are being delivered using Citrix delivery methods
  • Stop wasting IT resources while in war room meetings guessing at the root cause of an incident – identify if it is the Citrix Silo or the infrastructure behind or the interactions with the infrastructure that are causing the perceived Citrix problems
  • Protect revenue and business productivity by preventing long outages by understanding behavior and usage profiles of every application or VDI being delivered using Citrix technologies

The Webinar focused on the following AppEnsure product features:

  • AppEnsure’s Application Operational Intelligence
  • Automatic discovery of every application by name – delivered using Citrix XenApp or Citrix XenDesktop
  • Automatic and dynamic topology mapping – end to end – beyond the Citrix silos
  • Automatic measurement of application response time and throughput hop-by-hop and end-to-end – for every application/image being published by Citrix
  • Know every application that is being used within the VDI
  • Automatic data correlation to provide root cause diagnosis

WEBINAR TITLE: Perfecting Application Performance in Citrix Environments
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