AppEnsure Continues Quest to Bring Value to the Forefront

February 24, 2015 | By: Steve

When planning to launch the new AppEnsure web site, I started with the basic question “What do visitors want?” My fellow AppEnsure team members (who are never shy in expressing themselves) all had immediate responses. The Sales team wanted contact information to be easy to find, Engineering wanted to highlight all of the cool product features, and the Marketing team wanted to improve the overall look and user experience. One response that everyone agreed upon was to bring the value AppEnsure provides to the forefront.

So, along with our new web site look, the new section Benefits clearly states the value the AppEnsure solution brings to IT Operations teams in four simple bullet points:

  •     Increase top line revenue from applications – custom built or off the shelf
  •     Improve user experience on all applications by reducing response time
  •     Improve employee productivity
  •     Improve service availability and response time across the entire infrastructure


But in my interviewing and writing content for the entire site, I noticed value in many other places too:

AppEnsure provides immediate value by automatically discovering applications. One AppEnsure Sales team member shared that every discussion with someone who has installed our evaluation software states, “I knew applications were running and disrupting the infrastructure but I had no idea what kind they were or what they were doing.”

The latest software release includes a valuable new executive dashboard. AppEnsure Engineering were happiest to talk about this new feature. Upon entering the AppEnsure solution, a simple screen gives you a quick overview of the number of applications, users and alarms — the basic information IT Operations wants when determining normal user/application/infrastructure behavior.

One customer pointed out the value in our topology maps. Because our topology maps are dynamic, IT Operations never try and troubleshoot with an outdated, static view of the infrastructure and the applications running on it. In real-time, the AppEnsure solution displays all of the nodes an application is utilizing and gives response time and throughput metrics hop-by-hop end-to-end. This customer stated, “The best part is any behavior deviation is highlighted and I can quickly drill down to the root cause.”

I enjoy creating new web sites and the process leading up to launch day. I hope you find the new web site – valuable – and value when evaluating our product.